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I'm currently an instructor in the History of Science at the University of California, Berkeley. In the 2006-2007 academic year, I'm teaching undergraduate lecture courses on the history of science, as well as directed reading and research seminars.

My dissertation dealt with American psychology, specifically how it developed within the context of American colleges and universities. While I find the early history of psychology in the United States interesting on its own merits, I also see this work as being part of a larger story about the history of the life sciences in general. I'm interested in exploring the interactions between science and society, in examining social and cultural attitudes about science.

In addition to my work as a historian, I'm also active in the science fiction community. I'm a fiction editor (and editor-in-chief) at Strange Horizons, a weekly magazine located at I'm also the co-editor (along with David Moles) of Twenty Epics, published in the summer of 2006 by All Star Stories. In the past, I've been a guest editor for the Online Writing Workshop, the WisCon Writers' Respite, and the Hidden City writing workshop.