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10 December 2005



Funny, I've always had pretty good service at the red-walled foreign film place. Fun that you got some interest for the cowpunk book, though! One copy of it went off to Scotland in a birthday present, and we're a few chapters into the other copy in the house read-aloud series.

It would be possible to say that *people* can do a lot of more interesting things in those kind of books, and it would be true, but being more specific can reveal a different, more meaningful kind of truth sometimes.


Let's hear it for women doing interesting things! (And thanks for showing my book to people.)

Jackie M.

but being more specific can reveal a different, more meaningful kind of truth sometimes

about what you think you can't do?


Jackie: I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but, hey, I'm not exactly what I mean either. Just trying to say something about how expanding the imaginations of what women can do is not merely a subset of expanding the same for "people." It's been said before, but it seemed like a good time to say it again.

Jackie M.

And: Well, I'm not entirely sure what I meant, either! But I think you pretty much said most of it.

I find that even though I've expended considerable effort trying not to limit my expectations of the capabilities and ambitions of both myself and the women around me, I still have these strong, generalized prejudices. For example, I have to make a pointed effort to ask "how do I fix this lamp," instead of "when are you going to fix this lamp, already?"

Then something special happens... like Danica Patrick almost winning in Indianapolis, or a bunch of burly men moving our washer/dryer asking one of my girlfriends to please show them how to tie a proper sailor knot... and all of sudden I realize that I never expected that a woman could ever actually play that role. And then I start to wonder if I could do it, too?

Is that the sort of thing you were talking about?

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