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19 May 2006


Dave Schwartz

Look at that grin; you're the cutest! Congratulations!


Oh honey, you look radiant!!! Congrats on everything!



Jenn Reese

Wonderful! Congrats!!!


Congratulations, Dr. Susan!!! What an accomplishment!

Jason Erik Lundberg

Yay! Congratulations!

Joanne Merriam



Yay! Yay yay!! (And six years is NOT long at all.)

Funnily enough, today I was at my sister's graduation (BFA) where a Berkeley faculty member was given an honorary degree. It's practically like I saw you walk!

Jackie M.

Congratulations! But I shan't call you Dr. Groppi until after your defense.

I predict that the other Dr. Groppi will find this new development very alarming.


yay! congratulations Dr. Susan! (you look mighty dashing in that formal garb)

Dan P

Hip, hip:


Congratulations! I think the puffy hat is the best part. :p


My greatest regret from grad school is that I never got the poofy hat.


Mary Anne Mohanraj

Welcome to the doctoral ranks! Now that you're a member of our fellowship, I can tell you the truth about all those things you were wondering about in grad school (yes, they were lying to you about that. and that!)...

Benjamin Rosenbaum

w00t! Hooray Susan!

jen fu

I shall call you Dr. Awesome. Hooray! Congratulations, man. You are amazing.

Tim Pratt

You're adorable! I'm so proud of you! Yay!

Greg van Eekhout

Hee! Congratulations!!! :-D


The hat and robes really suit you, as does the expression of beaming happiness. I think you should wear all three all the time, and possibly carry around roses everywhere too, just because you can.


Cutest graduate ever! Congratulations!

Karen K.


I wish we had the puffy hats too, but alas...


Yay! Academia rules!

Heather Shaw

YAY! Congrats! This is the most adorable picture, too! I love the puffy hat!


Dr. Groppi, I presume? Congratulations!

Aliette de Bodard

Hurray! Congrats, and especially on the cute puffy hat! ;)

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