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17 June 2006


Jackie M.

I wanted to say: the engagement ring Chris gave me was Blanche's. Not the one you would have seen her wearing -- Emil gave her a second, fancier ring at some point when he got a better job, though Chris doesn't know the exact circumstances. The setting on the old ring is really wafer thin, and I'm always so terrified of losing the diamond, and there's no way I would have ever thought to bring it with me to the East Coast not knowing in advance that we would making an extra trip... but I really wished I had it with me.

Have you noticed how everybody's first- and second-generation immigrant relatives always have much, much more interesting stories then you would assume from just looking at a pile of black-and-white photos? How you always wish you could have known them, you know, way back when? Barbara's Aunt Helen was telling stories this week, too, and I was actually getting a weird sort of... narrative envy? Does that make sense?

Bob has this thing about everybody talking to everybody whenever anybody calls on the phone, so he was always trying to get me to talk to her when she called during our holiday visits. It irritated the heck out of Chris, because he knew I felt really awkward and guilty talking on the phone to someone I'd never met in person. And sometimes Bob won, and sometimes Chris did.

(But he really was a very, very serious priest, wasn't he?)

Jed Hartman

Thank you for posting these stories. Especially the snowstorm/proposal one--that's a great story.

Hope you're doing okay.


I am really sorry; thank you for writing about her. She sounded like an interesting, smart woman and a wonderful grandmother.

When my Granddad goes I will be inconsolable.


These stories are a fitting and wonderful tribute to your grandmother and her memory. Thanks for sharing them with us.

You've been in my thoughts.

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