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06 June 2006


David Moles

Not being able to make it to Vegas is one of the things making me very sad. Promise me that if you win a bajillion dollars at the tables you'll throw another party over here, say in Monte Carlo?

It's also making me very sad that you won't be able to teach the truth about the flying saucers. But some day: Tenure!

(N.b. for students and prospective employers: Kidding! About the flying saucers.)

Jackie M.

When you started describing "the standard narrative," I thought: b-but- but what about China? What about the Middle East? But then you said it and my stomach lurched out when I realized the scope. Wow. Susan, that is So. Awesome. Both the job and your plan. I really, really want to sit in on your class. Really really really.

So, okay. This is how the pool is going to work:

I'll set up a P.O. box. Everybody who wants in send an envelope enclosing your name, your address, US$5.00, and a date between 7/1/06 and 12/31/06. The pool will be split between the two people who guess closest to the dates on which 1.) this weblog disappears and 2.) a new weblog appears somewhere else. And by "closest," I mean before or after the actual date, none of this Price is Right can't-guess-over nonsense. If you write "never", you only win if this journal is still in service on 12/31/06 and no new journal has appeared elsewhere in cyberspace. The winners will be announced on 2/1/07.

... and hopefully Susan will have forgiven me by then. *cringes*

Mary Anne Mohanraj

I want to take your course!


That sounds great! I took a history of math course where we did a little stuff with Asian mathematics, but not that much that I remember. It's important that students get a fuller picture.

And I wouldn't worry about the weblog. It doesn't seem like you say anything that's in any way incriminating...

Greg van Eekhout

Yay, job!

Wish I could take your class. Might learn me something.

Heather Shaw

I'd love to take your course too! Sounds awesome!


Jackie! I have forgiven you already. I couldn't get through the day without a good sense of humor about myself. :)

Dan Percival

That course isn't around the middle of the day, is it? Because I would totally sneak my lunch in for that. And then lord it over everyone else.

Jackie, I'm in on your pool, provided you define "in service."

Jackie M.

Hee. I don't think I'd really like to do it -- I believe Susan when she says she's not planning on switching again this year, but I also think it's impossible to anticipate what will happen while she's teaching/job searching. And I think it would be nice for her to know we're all 100% behind her whatever she does, and not standing around with stopwatches snickering.

Susan, you should know that that's the 2nd vote I've received for "never," the other being David M. These boys, they are loyal as dogs.

David Moles

*bark, wag tail, snarl at Ivan Tribble*

David Moles

(If you can't be De Graz, you might as well be Prochenko.)

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