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08 January 2007



I can think of a semi-legitimate reason for changing the spelling -- a subtle hint it's not a movie about Lewis Carroll or Alice, perhaps? It's very interesting they even made such a movie, even if they screwed it up; someone had to have loved the story for it to happen.

Dan Percival

(Other takes on similar ideas include "The Story of Your Life", and while I can't remember specifics, I know I've seen at least one or two more.)

There's always Greg Egan's Distress -- although in that book, it's not that individual people can experience physics in different ways, but that each bit of underlying physics was/is undetermined until forced into consistency by sufficiently-controlled experiments. IIRC.


In Distress, it wasn't experiments that affected the universe; it was TOEs, Theories of Everything. In Egan's story "Luminous," performing certain calculations could determine the truth or falsity of mathematical equations.


I half-remember something in Quarantine about the world around the narrator changing in small ways as he manipulated his probability thinger, but it's been a long time since I last read it, and I'm not sure that's really the same kind of thing.

Gwenda--you're probably right that the mimsy/mimzy change has to do with obscuring the connection to Alice in Wonderland. I guess that means that the Alice thread in the original story didn't make it into the movie?

But you're right, that it's interesting that this even got made. The story's more than sixty years old, and while I'm sure it's much-loved, it's not one of the standout best-known.


If you want a laugh go look this up at IMDB.com.

Down in the forum section there are several people stating that this is a remake of newer stuff. Even after reading that it is based on a 1943 story there are people claiming it is about Indigo Children. A 1990s concept.

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