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01 April 2007



We just got back from "The Lookout". It should be required viewing for film students on how to take a stock premise and make a great movie out of it.

Also, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the kid from "Brick" (which is awesome, if you haven't seen it), but he does bear an odd resemblance to the guy from "10 Things...", who was actually a young Heath Ledger.

Susan Marie Groppi

No no! He is the kid from "10 Things", he's just the -other- kid. The one who's trying to date Bianca.

I've been meaning to see "Brick", and this is just extra inducement. Excellent.


Holy smokes, you're right. I never noticed.

There's a special place in my heart for "10 Things". My brother dragged me to see it and it ignited my love of teen movies.

James Grimmelmann

Yes, great book. It's just a well-realized alternate universe, described in sentences that fit together perfectly. Nothing in the book is out of place.

Thanks for steering me clear of _The Alienist_.


Funny, my advisor recommended The Intuitionist and I bought it and then we moved something else into its place. But it's right here on my shelf and now I'm going to read it after all. Excellent.


I completely agree with you that The Intuitionist was lovely and The Alienist was workmanlike. I shudder to imagine if someone had reversed your mistake and picked up the latter while looking for the former. And I too was fascinated by Charles Mann's Atlantic article, and keep meaning to pick up 1491.

I haven't seen The Loookout yet, but I'd recommend Brick; some people find it too self-consciously stylized, and it definitely pushes the line, but it worked for me.

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