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31 May 2007


David Moles

You gotta try, though. My photographer cousin (Moments: Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographs; Bound for Glory: America in Color 1939-43) may be opening a portrait studio in Grand Island, Nebraska, my going-on-20 but still not in college cousin (His Dark Materials; The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay) may be taking trips to the Carribbean as a youth missionary, but my vet-student cousin (The Ape and the Sushi Master; Fire in the Turtle House) has Jane Goodall for her hero and is interning with a sea turtle rescue center. If you're lucky, some of it sticks.

Jackie M.

You can post all you like. They're not getting the $10 back.

David Moles

You got that $10 because it was easier to pay you off than listen to you trying to justify changing the terms of the wager after the fact, and you know it.

Jackie M.

Thank you both for lunch!


When I was a teenager I got presents from cousins and aunts and uncles that didn't interest me at all, mostly books and music. A lot of them were great when I pulled them out again five or ten years later.

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