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22 May 2007



Oh man, that's precious. I had the extreme joy last weekend of babysitting the kids of two of my professors, one of whom is totally my idol. The oldest is nine, and she's incredibly smart and quick. (I taught her to play Set in about 30 seconds, which is impressive by any standard. We'll see how much she likes it.) Then there are the twins, who are almost four. They're incredibly shy and don't speak much English yet (mostly Finnish), but I think they understood basically everything I said to them. By the end of the afternoon, they'd totally warmed up to me, and it was the sweetest thing ever. I'm so tickled by little kids lately; they're completely something else.


He's a very generous player!

Dan Percival


Reminds me of playing Sorry with b., also age six. She kept giving me very helpful -- if totally inaccurate -- advice on how to play and the special circumstances that might arise.

Hey, do you have any good developmental psychology stories about the ability to adhere structured games with win conditions? Playing tic-tac-toe with b. a year ago was a (very fun! but) non-linear experience in multiple senses of the phrase.

Jackie M.

I have to admit, I was more excited to meet j. in the flesh than anybody else.

I just wish I'd remembered to bring something for him to sign...

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