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09 July 2007


David Moles

Flood + handwaving, duh.

Benjamin Rosenbaum

You'd know more about this than me, but my sense is that while *intellectually* the creationist position is explicitly young-earth and that's a critical component of the dispute, in terms of positioning and marketing that's not something creationists go after. If you phrase the debate as "did we really descend from monkeys? Does God really have nothing to do with all these beautiful life forms around us?" you are, as a creationist, in much better soundbite territory than if you say "the earth can't really be 13 million years old, can it? How about 4000?" I think a good number of people who will say, "yeah, I'm no monkey, dude!" will also say "uh... what? 4000 years? What are you smoking?"


I think your idea about how tourist attractions teach about science is *fascinating*. I hope you follow it up. The point about the age of the earth is especially fascinated. Are you interested only in natural attractions, like Meramec, or also more explicitly educational places like the Mutter Museum? (Sorry, you know I'm super-nosy about this stuff.)

I love Meramec Caverns. The last time I was there was with Dario, in... I think it was 1991. That was the year we spent a few days at Tan-Tar-A (where we could afford to do almost nothing, but were very excited to be staying in such a ritzy-to-us place, anyway). Then we drove down to a campground outside a blink-and-you'll-miss-it town called Caulfield, where my family used to vacation a lot. Meramec was an obligatory stop, and of course family legend has it that we are somehow descended from Jesse James (like everyone else from Missouri), which makes it all even more fun.

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