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13 August 2007



Oh my god! Congratulations!!!!

Oh my god!

Dave Schwartz

Awesome! Let's make it a two-fer!


I said it over at Dave's, but you deserve it, too: Congratulations! It was a good anthology, and I enjoyed it tremendously; the nomination is well deserved.


Yay! It's about time you got some recognition somewhere.

That is awesome.

Greg van Eekhout

All my votes go for you I don't really have any votes but if I did all my votes go for you!! Congratulations!


That is SO COOL. You are SO COOL. Also, I totally knew you were right about what makes a good anthology.


Woo-hoo! Go Susan!

Karen K.


In honor of your nominations, I donated to Strange Horizons. :) (not much, but wanted to give back something...)

Christopher Barzak

Yayyyyy Susan and Strange Horizons!!

Heather Shaw

Susan, I'm so happy for you! YAY!!

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