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05 August 2007


David Moles

Oy. You have some of the worst computer luck. :(


:( Meant to drop you a note the other day saying sorry to hear this.

I continue to be surprised at how often your Macs self-destruct. I wonder if there's some kind of anti-Mac field around your apartment or something....

And I continue to feel that Apple ought to provide a loaner-laptop program for people who need to send their computers in for repair. I imagine they've determined that it wouldn't be a good idea for some reason (maybe because it would encourage people to send in their computers for repair of minor issues?), but it sure would be useful.

Anyway. Hope it comes back soon, fully fixed.

Jackie M.

I know! Susan's Mac in particular. (Susan, are you sure you're not sleepwalking and doing strange things to your computer in the middle of the night? Like sticking it in the freezer for an hour? Or pouring milk into the CDROM drive?)

I actually do have some funky electrical issues in my office at work--I've got a RAID 5 setup and an uninterruptable power supply AND an automatic external backup every night. And it's a good thing, too, because I'm still going through 1/2 TB hard drives at the rate of about one every 3 months. Which is about the rate that the dude before me was going through them--there's something decidedly unhappy about the wiring in that office.

Susan Marie Groppi

Setting aside ridiculous examples, every time I bring the computer in for repairs, I ask them if there's anything I'm doing that could be causing it to have so many problems. They say no, it's just that laptops are relatively fragile pieces of machinery. It does seem like a lot of bad luck, though.

That said, the computer is right this minute on a FedEx truck, making its happy way back to my house. This was a really fast repair-and-return process, which goes a long way towards restoring my good feelings for Apple.

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