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06 September 2007


Marshall Perrin

Yeah, I know I'm commenting on this absurdly late. I'm an intermittent blog reader at best, sorry!

Your comments about getting dressed up at WisCon remind me of how I felt about formal dress at Harvard. After six years of prep school, in shirt and tie and blazer the whole way, I was utterly thrilled to get to Harvard and suddenly be able to go to class in a T-shirt and jeans. Ten years later, I'm a professional physicist, probably one of the least-dressy professions I know of. I've seen people give major talks at international meetings in old flannel and torn jeans, or flaming red punk hair and leather, and nobody cares as long as they've got something good to say. Fashion, at work or at play, is just not something I care about much.

And yet I -loved- the formal dances at Harvard. I loved the black-tie HRDC openings at the Loeb. I couldn't wait for another chance to break out my tux and bow tie and get my shoes polished to a patent leather shine and all that. What a difference it makes for something to be a choice and not a requirement!

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