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08 November 2007



Hi. One of our readers directed us over here and we've had a nice visit. Great blog, and we think you've done a very reasonable job talking about the "just a job" issue that's been going around on a number of academic blogs.



I need to think about this more, but I also think there's a real generational divide in terms of what the job market is like. Senior professors maybe have gotten tenure at a time when the process was very different, from what I've been hearing.

What I'm finding really strange right now is the way there is almost nothing between "struggling to survive" and "on your way to being god." I know being tenure-track can suck a lot, but it's a likely path to the kind of job security that barely even makes sense to me after years in high-tech; and below that you move really fast into no-benefits part-time jobs. That's so weird!

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