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23 December 2007



Maybe the blue lights are for Chanukah?

Susan Marie Groppi

I wondered that, which is why I feel like a jerk declaring them a bad idea, but even so. They do, in fact, look creepy and sinister. (Maybe if they were a brighter color, or bigger bulbs, or something? But a few houses around here have the same kind of small-bulb sapphire-blue lights, and it's just a disturbing look.)


I like blue lights, when there's a whole sheet of them wrapped around e.g. a tree, rather than just a lonely strand meandering around in the darkness. They are definitely not as jolly as the warmer colors, but I've always liked the mood they set, which feels delicate and peaceful and wintery to me. Your mood, obviously, may vary. Also they make more sense when they're set against snow.

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