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18 March 2008



I remember seeing a video of this robot a couple years ago, before it had a name. It definitely takes a little getting used to.

But if we're seeing it on YouTube now, I suspect that by the time it's battlefield ready, most potential combatants will be familiar with its appearance. Plus, combat always inures people to sights that freak out us civilians.


With you on the having to force myself to believe those aren't really human legs inside a costume, but I think years of watching SF movies have largely inured me to the freakout factor. My strongest emotional reaction was when the guy gave it a shove with his foot to demonstrate the robot's ability to self-correct and balance. I was horrified, like -- hey, don't kick the poor thing, you brute! And right on the heels of that reaction, the automatic thought: It's this kind of behavior that will provoke the inevitable robot revolt.

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