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01 April 2008



If you have never read Cry, the Beloved Country, I can't recommend it enough. The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency is a lot of fun. In my TBR pile is Things Fall Apart. In popular culture I like the writings of Elizabeth Wein and Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu.

Matt Cheney

Hooray! Glad you're joining in! Nervous Conditions is a favorite of mine, so I can't wait to see what you make of it. I hadn't heard of the Klieman book, but am now fascinated and have to add it to my ever-growing and all-consuming Must Locate This Book list...

Jill Cortis

I picked up The Royal Kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhay, Life in Medieval Africa by Fredrick McKissack as well as Tropical gangsters by Robert Klitgaard.
Happy to find this blog. My daughter is going to studey in jnior year in Ghana.


One of the things I really enjoy about your list is that you're delving into lots of non-fiction. I'm also hoping to read citizen & subject; i'll be interested to compare opinions.

welcome to the challenge!

Benjamin Rosenbaum

In high school I read, and loved, "Heart of the Ngoni", a book of sort of folkloric/semi-legendary history from seventeenth century Segu, which I think is now Mali. It's sort of like Arthurian chivalric romance in tone, a bunch of bad-ass warrior dudes who are all like "to show how butch I am I demand that you shoot at me three times with your musket before I even draw!" and "alas, the fortune teller has told me I am fated to die!"

I haven't re-read it since back then, so it may not hold up, but it's semi-historical, pre-colonial, and along the Niger, and it was a lot of fun at the time.

Susan Marie Groppi

Ben-- The library here has that one! I may swap it in for something else on the list, we'll see. It sounds fun.

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